Unit – 1  Design of over-head tanks: Design of RC domes and beams curved in plan, design of Cylindrical and rectangular tanks with different end conditions using IS: 3370 tables, Intze tank design based on membrane analysis with mention of continuity effects. Design of staging: Braces, Columns and Raft Foundation.

Unit – 2  Building Frames: Dead, Live, Wind and Earthquake loads, Analysis of framed building by approximate methods for vertical and horizontal loads, concept of Exact Analysis, joint detailing.

Unit – 3  Design of Bridges: Loads, Forces and Permissible Stresses, Code Recommendations regarding design and detailing, Design of slabs under-concentrated loads using, Effective width and Pigeaud’s method, Courbon’s method of load distribution, Detailed design of Highway Bridges: RC slab and R.C. T-beam types.

Unit – 4  High-performance concrete, Production and no -conventional concrete. Design of composite Sections: Composite beam and slabs in simple conditions.