Unit-1 Classification of building materials, building materials and their performance, economics of the building materials.

Stones, Requirement of good building stone,characteristics of building stones and their testing.Commonbuildingstones.Methods of preservation of stones.

Bricks: Manufacturing process of clay bricks, classification of clay bricks. Properties of clay bricks, testing methods for clay bricks.Problems of efflorescence & lime bursting in bricks & tiles.

Gypsum:properties of gypsum plaster,building products made of gypsum and their uses.


Cement: Raw materials used, Process of Manufacturing, Chemical composition, compounds formed and their effect on strength, Types of cement, Testing of cement properties, Uses of cement

Cement Concrete: Constituent materials and their properties, Grades of concrete, Factors affecting strength, Properties of concrete at fresh and hardened stage, Testing of concrete, Methods of Curing of concrete.

Pozzolona: Chemical composition and requirements for uses,NaturalandArtificialflyash,Surkhi(burntclaypozzolona),ricehusk andashpozzolona,propertiesandspecificationsforuseinconstruction.

Timber:Classification and identification of timber,Fundamental Engineering Properties of timber, Defectsintimber, Factors affecting strength of timber, Methods of seasoning and preservation of timber. Wood based products.

Asphalt,BitumenandTar:Terminology,specificationsanduses,Bituminous materials.

Unit II ChemistryofPlasticsmanufacturingprocess,classification,advantagesof plastics, Mechanical properties and use of plastic in construction.

Paint svarnishesanddistempers, Common constituents, types and desirable properties, Cement paints.

Ferrousmetals,Desirablecharacteristicsofreinforcingsteel.Principlesofcold working. Reinforcings telemechanical and physical propertie schemical composition.Brief discussion on properties and uses of Aluminum and lead. Glass:Ingredients, properties types and use in construction.

InsulatingMaterials:Thermal and sound insulating material, desirable properties andtypes of insulating materials.

Unit III Components of building, area considerations, Construction Principle and Methods forlayout, Damp proofing,antitermitetreatment in buildings, Vertical circulation means :staircases and their types,designandconstruction. Different types of floors, and flooring materials (Ground floor and upper floors). Bricks and stone masonary construction. Cavity wall hollow block construction.

Unit- IV Doors, Windows and Ventilations, Construction details, types of doors and windowsand theirrelative advantages&disadvantages.Types of roof and rooftreatments, Lintelsand Chhajja, Functional efficiency of Buildings.

Unit-VNaturalVentilation,WaterSupplyandSanitaryfittings(Plumbing),Electricity.Heating Ventilation & Air conditioning, Mechanical Lifts and Escalators,FireFighting, Acoustics. Plastering different types, pointing, Distempering, Colourwashing, Painting etc. Principles & Methods of building maintenance