Unit – 1  Nature of Stresses in flat slabs with and without drops, coefficient for design of flat slabs, reinforcement in flat slabs. (IS Code Method).

Unit –2  Analysis and design of beam curved in plan. Structural behaviour of footings, design of footing for a wall and a single column, combined rectangular and trapezoidal footings, Design of strap footing.

Unit – 3  Structural behaviour of retaining wall, stability of retaining wall against overturning and sliding, Design of T-shaped retaining wall, Concept of Counter fort retaining wall. Loads, forces and I.R.C. bridge loadings, Design of R.C. slab culvert.

Unit – 4  Design criteria, material specifications and permissible stresses for tanks, design concept, of circular and rectangular tanks situated on the ground / underground, design of overhead tanks.

Unit – 5  Advantages of prestressing, methods of prestressing, losses in prestress, analysis of simple prestressed rectangular and T-section.