Introduction: hydrologic cycle, water budget equations, world water balance, Precipitation: Forms of precipitation, measurement, depth-area-duration & intensity- duration- frequency relationships, probable maximum precipitation.


Abstraction from Precipitation: Evaporation – process, measurement and estimation; Evapo-transpiration-measurement and estimation; Initial Losses- Interception & Depression storage;Infiltration- process, capacities indices, measurement & estimation


Runoff and Hydrographs : Hydrograph, runoff characteristics of stream, Yield, Rainfall-runoff correlations, flow duration curve, mass curve, droughts and floods. Factors affecting flood hydrographs, unit hydrograph and its analysis, s-curve hydrograph, synthetic and instantaneous unit hydrographs. 8


Flood: Rational method, empirical formulae, unit hydrograph method, flood frequency studies, statistical analysis, regional flood frequency analysis, design storm & design flood, risk/reliability and safety factor; Flood Routing: Basic equation, hydrologic storage routing & attenuation, hydrologic channel routing, flood forecasting & control, hydraulic method of flood routing.


Groundwater: introduction, forms of subsurface water, aquifers & its properties, Compressibility of aquifers, flow equations for confined and unconfined aquifers, well hydraulics- steady and unsteady flow to a well in confined aquifer, well losses, specific capacity, groundwater irrigation, rainwater harvesting.