Unit ‐1

Introduction, Development of Environmental Geotechnology, Aims, Environmental Cycle and their interaction with geotechnology, Natural environment, cycles of nature, environmental geotechnical problems.

Unit ‐2

Identification and characteristics of contaminated soil, classification, Characteristics of dust, dust in environment, ion‐exchange reaction and ion exchange capacity, ion exchange reaction in contaminated soil‐water system, Site Investigation for detection of sub‐surface contamination

Unit ‐3

Load‐environment factor design criteria, soil‐structure vs structure soil interaction, load and environmental loads, Bearing capacity based on load footing interaction, lateral earth pressure, pile foundations, environmental factors affecting pile capacity, under‐water foundation problems.

Unit – 4

Ash Pond and Mine Tailing Impoundments, Geotechnical re‐use of waste materials and fills, Grouting and injection process, Grout used for controlling hazardous wastes, Sinkhole: interaction with environment , remedial action

Unit ‐5

Sanitary landfills: Selection of waste disposal sites, Landfills for Municipal and Hazardous wastes, Design of liners: clay and synthetic clay liners, Bearing capacity of foundation on sanitary landfills.