Unit-1  Environmental legislations for setting up and for operation of an industrial activity, Compliance procedure of these legislations, Need of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study, Other Pollution control legislations.

Unit-2  Defining the industrial activity: Location, approach, manufacturing processes, raw materials and other inputs of natural resources; Defining the local environment format: Physical environment, biological, environment and socio-economic environment.

Unit-3  Detailing of the local environment: Physical environment- water, air, land resources &solid wastes, noise emissions, radiation emissions etc.; biological environment- all flora & fauna including microbial activities in the local vicinity; Socio-economic environment- history of the area, customs & rituals, demography, infrastructural activities, education, health, and developmental profile of the area, specific local environmental issues.

Unit-4  Environmental Pollution in Industries: various industrial processes, sources and types of pollutions – solid, liquid, gaseous, noise & radiation emissions. Case studies of various industries, e.g., dairy, fertiliser, distillery, sugar, pulp and paper, iron and steel, metal plating, thermal power plants, etc.

Unit-5  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): definitions, methodologies, environmental toxicology; Environmental management Plan, Risk Assessment & risk management plan, pollutant exposure assessment, Environmental Management Cell (EMC):Environmental monitoring schedules, Environmental Statement, Application for consent, Authorization for hazardous wastes, ISO and ISO 14000 etc.