Industrial wastes & their sources: various industrial processes, sources and types of wastes-solid, liquid, gaseous, noise & radiation emissions. Sources for industrial water usages and various industrial processes requiring water use and water quality.


Processes responsible for deterioration in water quality, Various waste water streams, Control and removal of specific pollutants in industrial wastewaters, e.g., oil and grease, bio-degradable organics, chemicals such as cyanide, fluoride, toxic organics, heavy metals, radioactivity etc. Wastewater re-uses& recycling, concept of zero discharge effluent.


Control of gaseous emissions: hood and ducts, tall stacks, particulate and gaseous pollutant control; Solid waste generation and disposal management; Hazardous wastes: definitions, concepts and management aspects; Noise & radiation: generation, control and management.


Recent trends in industrial waste management, cradle to grave concept, life cycle analysis, clean technologies; Case studies of various industries, e.g., dairy, fertilizer, distillery, sugar, pulp and paper, iron and steel, metal plating, thermal power plants, etc.


Environmental audit: definitions and concepts, environmental audit versus accounts audit, compliance audit, relevant methodologies, various pollution regulations, Introduction to ISO and ISO 14000.