Unit ‐1

Vibration of elementary Systems: Vibration motion, vector representation of harmonic motion,Single degree of freedom system: Free Vibrations‐ damped and undamped, Forced Vibrations –damped and undamped.

Unit ‐2

Dynamics of soil‐foundation System: types of machine foundation, design criteria, dynamic loads, physical modeling and response analysis, Barken’s approach, Ford & Haddow’s analysis,Hammer foundation, I. S. Codes

Unit ‐3

Dynamic soil testing techniques: cyclic plate load test, block vibration test, shear modulus test, geophysical methods, Resonance‐column test, Two & three borehole techniques, Model tests using centrifuge and shake table, recent developments

Unit – 4
Vibration isolation and control: vibration transmitted through soil media, active and passive isolation, vibration isolation – rigid foundation and flexible foundation, method of isolation, properties of material and media used for isolation, vibration control of existing machine, foundation isolation by barriers.

Unit ‐5

Guidelines for design and construction of machine foundation: data required for design of reciprocating, impact and rotary type machines, guidelines for the design of different type machines, construction guidelines, guidelines for providing vibration absorbers.