Unit – I

Introduction, classification of Rivers, Mechanics of alluvial rivers including channel and flood plain features, Sediment transport and budgets, River morphology and various classification schemes.

Unit –II

Behaviour of Rivers: Introduction, River Channel patterns, Straight river channels, causes, characteristics and shapes of meanders and control, cutoff, Braided Rivers, Bed forms, Instability of rivers, Hydraulic geometry, Delta formation and control.


Mechanics of Alluvial Rivers, Rivers and restoration structures, Socio‐cultural influences and ethics of stream restoration.


Bioengineering Techniques, Classification review, Natural Channel Design Analysis, Time Series, Analysis of flow, Sediment and channel geometry data.


River Training and Protection Works: Introduction, Classification of River Training, Types of training works, Protection for Bridges with reduced waterway, Design of Guide Band, embankment and spurs/dampners and other river/ flood protection works.