Unit-1  Rural Water Supply: Issues of rural water supply –Various techniques for rural water supply- merits- National rural drinking water program- rural water quality monitoring and surveillance- operation and maintenance of rural water supplies.

Low Cost water Treatment: Introduction – Epidemiological aspects of water quality methods for low cost water treatment – Specific contaminant removal systems

Unit-2  Rural Sanitation: Introduction to rural sanitation- Community and sanitary latrines – Planning of wastewater collection system in rural areas- Treatment and Disposal of wastewater – Compact and simple wastewater treatment units and systems in rural areas stabilization ponds – septic tanks – Imhoff tank- soak pits- low cost excreta disposal systems Effluent disposal. Identify problems pertaining to rural water supply and sanitation. Design water supply and sanitation system for rural community.

Unit-3   Industrial Hygiene and Sanitation: Occupational Hazards- Schools-Public Buildings-Hospitals- Eating establishments- Swimming pools – Cleanliness and maintenance and comfort- Industrial plant sanitation.

Unit-4   Solid Waste Management: Disposal of Solid Wastes- Composting- land filling incineration- Biogas plants – Rural health – Other specific issues and problems encountered in rural sanitation.