Unit – 1  Analysis of fixed beams, Continuous beams and simple frames with and without translation of joint, method of Consistent Deformation, Slope-Deflection method, Moment Distribution method, Strain Energy method.

Unit – 2  Muller-Breslau’s Principle and its applications for drawing influence lines for indeterminate beams, Analysis of two hinged arches, Influence line diagrams for maximum bending moment, Shear force and thrust.

Unit – 3   Suspension Bridges, Analysis of cables with concentrated and continuous loadings, Basics of two and three hinged stiffening girders, Influence line diagrams for maximum bending moment and shear force for stiffening girders.

Unit – 4  Basics of Force and Displacement Matrix methods for beams , frames and trusses.

Unit – 5   Basics of Plastic Analysis, Applications of Static and Kinematic theorem for Plastic Analysis of Beams and Frames.