UnitI : Classification of Structures, Types of structural frameworks and Load transfer Mechanisms, stress resultants, degrees of freedom per node, Static and Kinematic Indeterminacy for beams, trusses and building frames.

Classification of Pin jointed determinate trusses, Analysis of determinate plane and space trusses (compound and complex). Method of Substitution and Method of tension coefficient.

Unit IIRolling loads and influence line diagrams for beams and trusses, Absolute maximum bending moment and shear force. Muller-Breslau’s principal & its applications for determinate structures

Unit III Arches, Types of Arches, Analysis of Arches, Linear arch, Eddy’s theorem, Analysis of three hinged parabolic arch, spandrel braced arch, moving load & influence lines for three hinged arch.

Unit IV Strain Energy of deformable systems, Maxwell’s reciprocal &Betti’s theorem, Castigliano’s first theorem, Calculations of deflections: Moment area method, unit load method& Conjugate beam methods for statically determinate beams , truss and frames.

UnitUnsymmetrical bending in beams, location of neutral axis, computation of stresses and deflection, Shear Centre its location for common structural sections.Bending of curved bars in plane of bending, stresses in bars of small & large initial curvatures.