Introduction, Permanent Way and Components:

History and administrative setup of Indian Railways; Rails, Type of rails, rail gauges, permanent way formation,– functions, requirements, sections in embankment and cutting (single/double track), electrified tracks, locomotives, wheel and axle arrangement, coning of wheels, defect in rails, rail fastenings, Fish plates, spikes, chairs, keys, bearing plates. sleepers, Timber, steel, cast iron, concrete and prestressed concrete sleepers, sleeper density, ballast: material, specifications


Track Geometrics, Turnouts and Crossings, Stations and Yards: Railway alignment, vertical alignment – gradients and grade effects, horizontal alignment – horizontal curves, super-elevation,  concepts  of  cant  excess and  deficiency, safe permissible speed, transition curves, widening of gauges and track clearances, points and crossings terminologies, types of turnouts, design of turnouts, types of crossings, design of crossings. Different types of stations and Yards: classification and functioning.


Signalling and Interlocking, Urban Railways: Classification of Signals, method of train working, absolute block system, Centralized train control system, ATS, interlocking of track, principle of interlocking, types of interlocking, high speed track – track requirement, speed limitations, high speed technologies, Urban railway- railway system in urban areas.

UNIT – 4

Introduction to Airport Engineering

Air craft characteristics affecting airport planning & design, selection of site for an airport. Airports – layout and orientation, Runway and taxiway design consideration and geometric design. Airport drainage management, Zoning laws, Visual aids and air traffic control, Runway lighting, Runway operation Helipads, hangers, service equipment. 8

UNIT – 5

Water Transport Harbours and ports, Types of Harbours; Harbours – layouts, shipping lanes, anchoring, location identification; Littoral transport with erosion and deposition; sounding methods; Dry and Wet docks, components and operational Tidal data and analyses.

Inland waterways: advantages and disadvantages; Development in India. Inland water operation.