UNIT-1 Introduction: Role of Transportation, Modes of Transportation History of road development, Road types and pattern, Nagpur road plan, Bombay road plan & 3rd 20 Year Road Plan, NHAI Act (1988), Road Development Plan Vision: 2021 documents, Expressway Master Plan, Features of PMGSY.

UNIT-2  Highway Alignment & Location Survey: Horizontal Profile, Vertical Profile, Factors Controlling the alignment, Survey for route location, Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR)

Geometric Design: Cross-sectional elements, camber, shoulder, sight distance, horizontal curves, superelevation, extra widening, transition curves and gradient, vertical curves, summit and valley curves.

UNIT-3  Traffic Engineering: Traffic Characteristics, traffic volume and speed study, traffic capacity, density, traffic control devices, signs, signals, Island, Intersection at grade and grade separated intersections, design of rotary intersection

UNIT-4  Highway Materials: Road Construction materials : Properties of Subgrade, Aggregates & Binding materials, Various tests and specifications,

Design of Highway Pavement : Types of Pavements, Design factors, Design of Flexible Pavement by CBR method (IRC : 37-2012), Design of rigid pavement, Westergaard theory, load and temperature stresses, joints, IRC method of rigid pavement design (IRC:58-2011)

UNIT-5  Highway Construction: Construction of Subgrade, Water Bound Macadam (WBM), Wet mix macadam (WMM), Granular Sub Base (GSB),Tack Coat, Prime Coat, Seal Coat, Surface Dressing, Bituminous Macadam (BM), Semi dense bituminous concrete (SDBC) and Bituminous concrete, Dry lean concrete (DLC), Cement Concrete (CC) road construction, Roller Compacted Concrete Roads.