Unit – I Aerial Photographs- Basic terms & Definitions, scales, relief displacements, Flight Planning, Stereoscopy, Characteristics of photographic images, Fundamentals of aerial photo-interpretation, Introduction to Digital Photogrammetry.

Unit – II Remote Sensing: Physics of remote sensing, Remote sensing satellites and their data products, Sensors and orbital characteristics, Spectral reflectance curves, resolution and multi-concept, FCC

Unit – III Satellite Image – Characteristics and formats, Image histogram, Introduction to Image rectification, Image Enhancement, Land use and land cover classification system, Unsupervised and Supervised Classification, Applications of remote sensing

Unit – IV Basic concepts of geographic data, GIS and its components, Data models, Topology, Process in GIS: Data capture, data sources, data encoding, geospatial analysis, GIS Applications

Unit – V Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, GPS: Space segment, Control segment, User segment, GPS satellite signals, Datum, coordinate system and map projection, Static, Kinematic and Differential GPS, GPS Applications