Unit – I Importance of surveying to engineers, plane and geodetic surveying, principles of surveying, classification of surveys, Accuracy and Errors  Linear Measurements, Measurement of directions: Reference meridians, bearing and azimuths, Compass, Vernier theodolite, Measurements of horizontal and vertical angles, Horizontal Control, Electronic Theodolites and Total Station.

Unit – IIMethods of determining elevations, Direct levelling- basic terms and definitions, principle, booking and reduction of field notes, curvature and refraction correction, Automatic level, Digital Level, Vertical Control ,Contouring: methods and uses, Principles of stadia systems, subtense bar and tangential methods

Unit – IIIPrinciples of traversing by compass and theodolite, computations of traverse coordinates, Principles and classification of triangulation systems, strength of figures, satellite stations, triangulation field work  Plane table surveying, equipments, methods, resection by three point problem

Unit – IV Elements of simple circular curves, theory and methods of setting out simple circular curves, transition curves- types and their characteristics, ideal transition curve, equations of various transition curves, Introduction to vertical curves